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Are your employees reporting security issues fast enough… or even at all?

Do you think everyone in your business would sound the alarm if they thought they’d spotted a cyber security threat?

It’s important that everyone feels confident and comfortable reporting anything that seems unusual.


Because it can make an attack easier, faster, and less expensive to deal with.

This is how to get your team reporting issues immediately

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Now Copilot’s going to make your team work better together

Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

But these days we spend so much time focussing on individual productivity that teamwork has taken a back seat.

Not anymore, thanks to Microsoft’s new tool.

Here’s how Team Copilot can help your whole business

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More businesses are proactively investing in cyber security defences

Today there are two types of business:

  • Those who invest in their cyber security defences
  • Those who don’t

Which group does your business fall into? According to research, it’s about 50/50 for small and medium sized businesses.

If you’re the second type, it’s time to make a change.

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Cyber attacks are more common than you think

And how you respond to one can be the difference between it being an inconvenience and a complete nightmare.

What’s important is to think about all of this BEFORE you become victim to an attack (sadly, it’s likely to be a case of when and not if).

By following a few simple steps you can be confident you’ll not only recover from an attack quickly, but you’ll minimise the damage and cost too.

Learn about the 5 most important steps to take in our latest video.

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You might hold the secret to data security in your finger

Passwords are frustrating, right?

Simple passwords are too easy to guess… and safer complicated passwords are too difficult to remember.

There’s another better way, right in the palm of your hand… or rather, at your fingertips.

Here’s why you should embrace biometrics

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Say goodbye to video call pop-ups (and Teams meeting blushes)

Ever been in the middle of a video call when an embarrassing notification has popped up on your screen for all to see?

You’re not alone. But that doesn’t make it easier to deal with.

Microsoft has seen your red face and come up with a solution. Phew!

This is how to stop notifications during a call making you cringe


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